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Tim Stokowski
21:04 04 Apr 18
I found Excellcare, by far the best therapy place I've been to. There's never any wait. Every staff member is really friendly, caring, and professional. Especially Jolanta. I went in with tremendous pain, and other neck problems. She has reduced the pain extremely, and helped my other problems. I would recommend them to everyone. THANKS!!
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Gloria Brown
15:31 20 Sep 17
I found this facllity through my insurance, I have received therapy at other places before and let me tell you there is no comparison. I am very satisfied and grateful for the service that I received here , it feels like a family and I'm very thankful for that. The employees are very professional ,warm, caring and show a great deal of concern for their patients. I would highly recommend this place for anybody that is in need for physical therapy.
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Roman Wisniewski
18:02 20 Oct 17
What a great experience and amazing therapists. I was treated there for back pain and finished pain free. The therapists really take their time to explain things to you and why each treatment is done. The staff is very friendly and works together as a team. Would recommend to anyone and will definitely be back for other therapy needs.
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Fernando Frausto
19:05 25 Nov 17
Have gone to 6 different physical therapy place over a 8 year span and by far this is the best hands down jola is a pro in what she does,every there is so nice and helpful. I will definitely be back
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Jason Gordon
02:49 18 Apr 17
It was very welcoming on my first visit. A real calm and relaxed atmosphere where you can be yourself. Really aides in recovery process and makes me feel like I am getting better. The staff are really nice and understanding. They have common goal in bettering the health of each patient. Very nice place for therapy!! Thanks
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Debbie Donohue
17:13 27 Apr 18
Always friendly, care they give you is the best.
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Seth Markus
15:52 14 May 18
I received deep tissue laser treatment for a foot injury. After only 3 treatments, I was back to marathon training. Amazing results!
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Amy Marie
Jola was very knowledgable in helping me get back to feeling myself after a terrible car accident. At times I couldn’t take the pain couldn’t even move my neck instantly she helped with either pressure points, laser therapy or a massage I always left felling at ease. She is very caring and it shows I definitely put my trust in her.
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Laura Bonds
I recieved excellent care here the staff is great My hip pain is gone . I highly recomend this place. I have recieved treatments here several times. I'm back again and so ago so should you. everyone is great and so sweet and helpful.
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Taylor Renee
Jola is a beautiful and very helpful person. the whole office nice and professional. love this office getting me back together
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Deborah Anne Breo-Donohue
I always felt so much better after receiving PT, plus making you feel like you’re family.
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Margaret Hillyard
Excellent , professional & personalized care !!! I highly recommend Excellcare to anyone. in need of physical therapy ! I've been to other PT's since my back surgery & was told nothing could be done to improve my mobility & lessen my pain. Thanks to Excellcare my mobility & strength has improved greatly !
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Oscar Brown
fantastic staff and very attentive to the patient's task. I am on my way to a strong recovery.
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Tim Stokowski
I can't say enough about Excellcare. You are treated like part of a family, and not like another patient. I have horrible neck, back, and some other problems. The one on one with my therapist Jolanta has done wonders. She's given me apart of my life back, that I never thought I'd get. This is by far the best physical therapy center, I've ever been to. I highly recommend Excellcare to all those in need. Thank you to all who work there, and do an outstanding job!!
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Charles Taylor Jr
They really care about there patients. very understanding to your feels and your progress.
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Vera Williams
I am so very happy with my therapist , the office staff overall atmosphere. I actually enjoy therapy my therapist is constantly encourage me. there is no other place I will go to. I truly recommend this office to anyone,you will be glad you did.
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Raymond Dziubczynski
i am 65 years old and been to many physical therapy places but I have not experienced the level of care you get from Excellcare. I highly recommend them.
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Darrian Hart
Day does great work an they take very good care of me why I'm in Rehab I highly Recommend this location 11240 S Western
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Gloria Thomas-Hendley
I love coming to therapy, they do a great job and staff is very nice
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Katrina Brock
Lovett the staff is excellent the care is excellent. You will enjoy the experience !!! Highly recommend
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Alicia Castro Gracia
This is a place where I’m so happy to be at to get the therapy I need. They are very courteous, friendly and so helpful. My therapist is far the best. They make you feel so comfortable. Finally I’m getting the right help I so needed for my foot. Thank you everyone there. Keep up the good work. Your the Best!
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Luis David
%name Patient Testimonials
Fernando Frausto
Have gone to 6 different physical therapy place over a 8 year span and by far this is the best hands down jola is a pro in what she does,every there is so nice and helpful will definitely be back
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Matt Valentine
Highly recommend. I have had a bad shoulder ever since I had surgery, i would get numbness and tingling consitantly everyday and no doctor ever had a good answer as to why. I am so happy i stopped in Excellcare, All there staff are very professional and After a handfull of treatments instead of everyday I maybe get the tingling and numbness once a month now for a short period of time of and im sure after a few more visits the excellent care by there staff will have me back to feeling 18 again. Never been more grateful
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Maggie Koronkiewicz
I loved the Laser therapy until I woke up with more pain then ever!!
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Sanjoy Roy
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Mona Jethmalani Roy
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Yvonne Bear-Down Brown

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