Group or Private Health Insurance

We are preferred providers for most group health insurance plans. It is our policy to confirm the eligibility and benefits of all of our patients and inform them of the particulars of their insurance coverage for physical therapy at the time of their first visit. We also work with the patient’s doctor and insurance company to obtain authorization for therapy when it is required.

Auto Insurance

Patients who are involved in a motor vehicle accident may choose to use their automobile insurance if there is “Medical Pay” included in their policy. These amounts generally range from $1,000.00 to $100,000.00 depending on the policy, and our clinic can bill the patient’s insurance up to the amount of “Medical Pay” included in their policy.

Workers’ Compensation

Injured workers have 100% coverage for accepted claims through their employer’s worker’s compensation insurance. Prior authorization for physical therapy may be required before the patient can begin therapy. We work with the patient’s doctor and insurance company to obtain authorizations as fast as possible.

Currently accepted insurance networks and carriers:

If you do not see your insurance carrier listed, please contact our office to confirm.

Insurance we do not accept:

  • No HMO
  • No Public Aid